The Gatherings - May 16th 2015

The Gatherings Concert Series - Ombient with Chuck van Zyl

Music with Space radio show host and multi-instrumentalist Mike Hunter uses the name Ombient to make live music befitting of any situation. During his many concert outings he has realized a range of performances - from those of great portent down to the more ethereal and diffuse.

Possessed by a unique atmospheric sensitivity he is currently exploring the sonic territory of Space music's 1970s Berlin-School - utilizing a number of classic electronic instruments, among them a substantial three cabinet "Synthesizers Dot Com" modular system.

Ombient was joined on-stage the Gatherings Concert Series by fellow Electronic Musician Chuck van Zyl. The duo marked this occasion with the release of their new CD Space Patrol (Synkronos Music)

All photos by Jeff Towne ©